club rides


Club Road Rides will take place every Saturday morning at 6:00am (summer) and 7:00am (winter) and will leave from and return to The Bootlegger Kenilworth (this is about 200m up from Freewheel Cycology) and next to the Pam Golding/ Pick ‘n Pay.

Ride Routes will be communicated on a weekly basis through the newsletter.

MTB Rides will be communicated based on interest and number of riders.

We will have the following groups and ask that you place yourself in the appropriate group based on fitness and technical ability:



This group is generally the ‘racing’ bunch and will not be expected to hold back for anyone who cannot keep up.


If you are generally fit and feel you are in a “Medium” group, able to ride the distance, just not race it, then this is for you.


This is geared towards our social riders & beginners. This group should stay together and ‘sit-up’ from time-to-time to allow slower riders back into the bunch.


At Club Freewheel, we are all about fun and fitness, however there are some basic rules that go hand-in-hand with this:

Always behave in a way that ensures your own safety, as well as that of your co-riders on the road or trail.

Ensure you know the basic cycling etiquette and that it is practiced on every ride. On the road, no more than 2 riders abreast and on the mountain, we encourage you to give ascending riders the right of way.

Come prepared! Please make sure that your bike is set up properly (this can be done at Freewheel Cycology and will change the way you ride!). In case you have a mechanical, please make sure you are carrying spare bombs, a tube, tyre levers and a tool kit, as well as anything else you may need.

Gauge the weather! Nothing ruins a ride more than being cold, riding without glasses or not having sunscreen on. Check out the conditions in advance and dress appropriately.