About Us


Freewheel Cycology – a Specialized Concept Store, was established by Lionel Murray and Richard Coram in 2013. With an extensive customer base and a loyal following, the pressure has been mounting to start a cycle club.

With Club Freewheel, we want to establish a community of like-minded cycling enthusiasts that strive to create positive relationships amongst cyclists of all ages and from all walks of life. We welcome beginners and seasoned competitors alike and aim to foster a community of riders that eventually become an extended family.

We simply love riding bikes and enjoying the beautiful peninsula and mountain rides that the Southern Suburbs offer. We know that you will enjoy the enthusiasm our experienced team brings to the rides, as well as the free coffee offered to each rider in kit, at Bootleggers around the Peninsula.

We’re about getting fit, learning skills, having fun, making friends and sharing our experiences over a coffee or cold one at the end of a ride.

Sound like your kind of club? Then check out the benefits you get when you join up!



Lionel  – FLASH

If you like fun, quirky and non-stop babbling, Lionel’s your guy but don’t forget to bring your ear plugs! (unless he’s racing). Be prepared to hear about the proper way to train, diets and the latest gear in the shop!


Christoff – STOFF

Ex-pro rider (with lots of trophies on his shelf), you know you’ll be in good hands with Stoff! He’s fast, patient and totally clued-up on bike set-ups and good technique. If you’re looking to be pushed and challenged, then you’ll want to be on his tail! But never try and out-drink him!


Gilbert – GILA

Don’t underestimate this dynamite in a small package! Ex-SA track and cross-country runner, you can expect a fun ride with lots of jokes! And of course he is a bike technician, so he’ll probably give you some pointers on your bike too.

freewheel_richardRichard – DC – RICHIE

A free rider, Richard definitely prefers the mountains, pavements, poles and park benches, however will easily guide you on a mountain bike ride. If it’s fun you’re after, you’ll have it with him. Just please don’t follow him, if he bunny hops up and down things during your ride!

jayden_freewheelJayden – MR MIN

Young and keen, Jayden knows his way around a bike and pretty much everything else in the shop! He’s not a racer, so he’ll be in no rush and will make sure that every rider is taken care of.

Luisa – LU

Meet your average wanna-be rider and Club Manager! Happy to talk to absolutely anyone, I’m out to get a good work-out and find out your life-story at the same time. As the “rose amongst the thorns” in the shop, I’ll be there to make sure you have fun and that us “oldies” are represented too.

richard-corramRichard –  BIG RED

A downhill enduro rider, he likes to let gravity do the work and is always keen for a good huff-and-a-puff! That beer at the end is his motivation and prize for hitting the road early on a Saturday morning! Full of good advice and a boffin on bikes, this ride should be lots of fun.

richard-simpson-editRichard –  LITTLE RICH / CHOIR BOY 

Richard is our young UCT racer and you’ve probably seen him around the shop. He loves the long-distance MTB races but is equally zippy on the road and will prove to be lots of fun with the faster riders